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ringkøbing skjern kommune telefon planche a rou Gallery-quality fine art print with a 1 cm white border. The denim jeans og skjorte mand semi-gloss finish creates a slightly shiny effect.

Material 240 g/m² pure white paper
Finish Semi-gloss
Print Type 12-colour digital printing
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dgi huset aabybro Made to order and printed in Europe at the highest quality standards.

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smerter i skulderen georg jensen candle holder Gallery-quality fine art print with a 1 cm white border. The 22 times table semi-gloss finish creates a slightly shiny effect.

About the artist

Jens Ochlich

kort over grækenlands øer "The camera is the least important element in photography." - Julius Shulman

Jens Ochlich

brittany murphy death German photographer Jens Ochlich has called California his home since moving there from West Germany in 2000. He was first inspired to pick up a camera upon his discovery of architecture photographer Julius Shulman. Today, his camera can’t stop clicking at the sight of everything and anything Americana; classic American cars, urban themes, minimalism and a longing for a long-lost America are all frequent subjects in his photographs. Jens is deeply fascinated by the fringe cities that help shape California’s rapidly developing urban landscape. He attributes his compositions to an inborn love for Bauhaus art and surrealism.

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