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handelsskole i haderslev daniel ricciardo car Gallery-quality fine art print with a 1 cm white border. The the electric guitars band semi-gloss finish creates a slightly shiny effect.

Material 240 g/m² pure white paper
Finish Semi-gloss
Print Type 12-colour digital printing
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håndvaske til badeværelse borgmesterens datter i hørsholm Gallery-quality fine art print with a 1 cm white border. The private browsing chrome semi-gloss finish creates a slightly shiny effect.

About the artist

Amit Shimoni Illustration

benders cut helsingør I don't want to criticize, but to shed new light on the way we think of ourselves and the figures who inspire us.

Amit Shimoni Illustration

tidligere dr journalist The Israeli artist Amit Shimoni sees the creative process as a ping-pong game between himself and reality. The graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design has created pieces that challenge the lack of ideology in the modern world, clashing historical icons with modern fads to question the tendency of the current generation to focus on themselves as opposed to the all-encompassing social movements of the past.

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